C# 7 – Returning multiple values using tuples

C# 7 Tuples C# 7 release is coming soon and there is a great new feature I'd like to talk to you about - returning multiple values from a method using tuples. Until now, we could either use out parameters (which are not "comfortable" ) or return a tuple in the following way public Tuple<int,int,int>... Continue Reading →


A work interview riddle & way of thinking for a solution

In the past week I had to interview more than a dozen man and woman for my company. Since all interviewer were fresh out of the universities, I thought that some classic CS riddles would give me a good indication of both knowledge and capabilities of the candidates. Although I was usually good with riddles I sometimes... Continue Reading →

Managing life

The first thing I'm going to talk about is how to manage our own lives in a way which will create a peaceful and relaxed mind state. Most of the times we are so full of thoughts about what we are doing and where we are that we forget the most important question and that... Continue Reading →

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