Hey, my name is Amir Belgi.

I’m a software developer striving to do my best and learn something new each passing day. In this blog I’d like to share with you my thoughts and experiences as I go along my way.

And hi, I am Noy Itach.

My everyday job is as a group leader in a big corporation, in which I get to lead more the 10 different project and more than 5 team leaders who are eager to make their teams the best. While doing the job I spouse to do I get to have a look in the evolution of people, and how, with the right direction each and everyone of them get to be better than himself.

We invite you to join us in our journey through out life most interesting parts. To lead and to be led. To learn each day something new. To become better at what you do and to whom you do it with. To never let go of your dreams, no matter what field you desire and to become the person you wish to be.

We will talk about practical programming subjects and about more familiar parts of management. Sometimes we will just write about other things that are seem interesting for us, and that we wish to share.

And more important, we’ll love to hear from you, and to really listen to what you have in mind.

Wish you well, and enjoy your staying with us,

Amir & Noy,

The tightly coupled.



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