The evolution of the manager

Once upon a time there were two groups of people, the managers which were the leaders, and on the other hands, the workers, which were the followers and executors of the work.

This kind of hierarchy was seen all along the centuries. In the middle ages and along the Industrial Revelation it was the next paradigm. The manager decides what to do, chooses what to plan, when, how and why. While the workers were to execute and follow the giving instructions. The same happened (until today) in the battle field. The commander is in charge, while the soldiers follow. 

We may also find it in the wild life.  Each animal group has the alpha, which leads the group and shows them the way to survive together as a group. In most cases in wild, the leader is the one with the most experience in order to teach and share his knowledge.

But what is the difference between leaders and managers? Why is it that in the wild life, no one needs to be in control? How is it possible that in the nature everyone knows what its part is?

The humans evolved to a part in which they no longer believe that the choices of other can be as good as theirs. They were raised to believe that they are better and therefore the real challenge is not to do only one part, it is to rule and manage others too. The outcome of those thoughts created the workers. The team members which are in need of control and instruction. This kind of thinking took their dreams and wept away their responsibility and commitment for their parts.

Now days, the managers are needed to open their eyes and ears in order to understand that humans are in nature, only animals. Therefore, they want the control back. They are longing to feel a part. They want to be responsible and committed. They want to believe in the cause for which they get up in the morning and manage their day as the managers of themselves.

What if I’ll tell you that this is the next challenge of the managers? That the managers need to create the work environment which will be safe for the people who works there. I don’t tell you not to be there. Your meaning can not be replaced. You are the leader, you are the ones which see the bigger picture and know how to manage the group of individuals together. Create the tools for the younger workers to develop and be better than they ever thought they could be.

My next post will talk about the giving control methods and the mile stones that we need in order to do so.



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