Tutorial: Building Cloudsim and running an example

Today I read this paper presenting Cloudsim. Since truth lies in the code I wanted to download the Cloudsim source code, build it and run the examples. Things turned south and I and a friend had to google our way through some guides, and then solve additional errors not mentioned in those guides (maybe an issue caused by a newer release of Cloudsim).

Step 0 – Requirements

The requirements are nothing out of the ordinary, the main software required is:

  1. Winrar (or anything that will allow you to extract zip files)
  2. Java IDE – such as Netbeans, eclipse etc’- I’ll be using Netbeans
  3. Java & JDK

I won’t list specific versions – the latest versions of this tools should do and I don’t suspect that there anything would break.

Step 1 – Downloading the code

Cloudsim code can be found on Github here. I expected this would be the code I would download and compile, but no – there is a release version built for us (don’t be so happy yet, the built version is missing stuff , as I’ll explain). This tutorial is written on version 4.0 but I expect it to work on future versions as well.

step 1 is to go to the release page, linked above, enter a specific version, such as cloudsim 4.0, and download both zip files available, in this case cloudsim-4.0.zip and the Source code (zip).

Step 2 – Creating a project in the IDE and copying files

  1. Extract both the above zip files
  2. Create a standard java console project
  3. From the release folder (not the source code folder) at cloudsim-4.0\cloudsim-4.0\jars copy both jar files (cloudsim-4.0.jar and cloudsim-examples-4.0.jar) to your project folder. In Netbeans this results in copying the files to the project folder (in the same place where your nbproject sits).
  4. From: cloudsim-cloudsim-4.0\cloudsim-cloudsim-4.0\modules\cloudsim\src\main\java copy the folder named “org” to your source folder (in netbeans structure we go to a folder called “src” and copy the above into the src folder).
  5. From: cloudsim-cloudsim-4.0\cloudsim-cloudsim-4.0\modules\cloudsim-examples\src\main\java\org\cloudbus\cloudsim copy the “examples” folder into the following path: {the path of the copied org folder}\cloudbus\cloudsim (this folder have many folders and files, we want to add the examples folder to that folder).
  6. In your IDE – add the two JAR files we copied in step 3. 

Step 3 – Fixing Apache Commons Math

After Step 2 we have a broken build, this is caused by two reasons and not having Apache Commons Math is one of them.

What you want to do is download a jar file for this library and add it from the IDE as well. The repository for Apache Commons Math can be found here  and I downloaded the latest version at the time which is 3.6.1.

Step 4 – Fixing OpenCsv errors


Another missing library is OPenCsv, can be found here . Download the jar file and add it to your project (I downloaded version 2.3 which was the latest at the time of writing this).

Step 5 – Building & Running examples

Your project should now build without errors! To run the examples go to your source packages, to a package named “org.cloudbus.cloudsim.examples” and to one of the example files you want to run (for example CloudSimExample1.Java). This file has a main method which you can run (in netbeans – right click->debug file + adding a breakpoint at the beginning of the main method).

You should now be up and running! to see the description of the examples see this site.

That’s it! Hope it helped,





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