[How to] make technological decisions

The importance of change From time to time every development team has to make some technology choices (ranging from architectural choices to choosing new tooling) - this is a direct consequence of the fast pace frameworks, tooling and especially the business needs changes. Such change is imperative: from a business point of view, an organisation... Continue Reading →


Important lessons I wished I know before I started my thesis

It has been eight long months since I started my thesis work. While studying I also work full time as a software development team lead and with a prior experience in software development. I would talk about the differences in attitude needed for both soon. This is the first time I'm doing academic research, which... Continue Reading →

Estimation – Getting it right!

This is the last in my series of posts about estimation. We've talked about why estimation is important , the damages of under and over estimation and finally we analyzed key reasons making it harder to estimate. In this post it is finally time to talk about the things we can do to get a... Continue Reading →

Estimation is difficult! Here’s why

In the last two posts we've talked a lot about why estimation is so important and the damages of under and over estimation. Before talking about solutions it is key to understand the different reasons estimation is so difficult. Using this analysis of the problem helps us not only to better understand the problem but... Continue Reading →

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