What’s a Circuit Breaker and how it helps create stability in our microservice architecture?

In my previous post, I have talked about how errors in one service can cause another service to have problems. In this way, the error propagate through our system rendering it useless. I also introduced timeouts and advance patterns using them, and how they help cope with this problem. But we also saw timeouts have their... Continue Reading →

Creating stability in a microservice architecture with Timeouts

In today's world, for our service to function and deliver value we must interact and call other services. Each service we interact with is a potential failure point in our system, and as the number of such integration points grows so does the failure rate. When this is the case, we must ask ourselves -... Continue Reading →

[How to] make technological decisions

The importance of change From time to time every development team has to make some technology choices (ranging from architectural choices to choosing new tooling) - this is a direct consequence of the fast pace frameworks, tooling and especially the business needs changes. Such change is imperative: from a business point of view, an organisation... Continue Reading →

Estimation – Getting it right!

This is the last in my series of posts about estimation. We've talked about why estimation is important , the damages of under and over estimation and finally we analyzed key reasons making it harder to estimate. In this post it is finally time to talk about the things we can do to get a... Continue Reading →

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